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Milwaukee Foundation Repair Team

A Zablocki Company

Foundation Repairs | Milwaukee, WI

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A foundation is required for any property, and without a stable foundation, the building is going to be unstable and unreliable. As such, you need to turn to our experts here at the Milwaukee Foundation Repair Team, part of Zablocki Waterproofing & Foundation Repair, for the foundation services that you require. We provide incredible services at an affordable price.

About Us

Our company is fully trained and equipped to handle foundation installation, repair, and refurbishment tasks. We always strive to provide unmatched services that enhance the durability and longevity of your property.

Foundation Repair Milwaukee, WI

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    Our Services

    The services that our company will be able to provide you with are going to cover any concerns or requirements that you have for your foundation. We offer reliable and durable solutions with our foundation repairs and basement crack repairs. Also, we are the experts that you can turn to for precise work with helical piers and even basement waterproofing here in Milwaukee. We have been serving the community for a number of years with our foundation services, and we know that there is a tremendous amount of value that we can add to the community by enhancing the quality of the foundations for the buildings that exist here.

    insulation with waterproof membraneinsulation stucco for house foundation construction. House foundation repair insulation with plastic drainage for rain chain pipe.

    Foundation Repair | Milwaukee, WI

    At the time in your life when you realize that you have damages occurring with your foundation, you need to ensure that you turn to foundation repair experts who are going to be able to help you get everything sorted out. If there are issues with your foundation, there are other likely issues going on at your property. You need to ensure that the foundation repairs and damages are solved because this means that the get of your building can remain strong and sturdy. You can turn to our company when you need to get the foundation repair work completed. We offer timely and reliable solutions that are going to work, and we know that you will be able to fully enjoy the solutions that we provide.

    unfinished new build interior construction basement renovation ground floor Inside

    Basement Repair | Milwaukee, WI

    The basement repair work that you need to have completed needs to be handled by professionals who are fully trained in this line of work. The basement is a part of your home, and you need to ensure that the basement repairs that are completed are going to contribute to the long-term durability and dependability of your property. You will be able to trust the experts at your company to get the solution that you need. We have been offering house leveling and foundation installation services for a number of years when it comes to basement repairs, there are not any tasks or issue that we come across that we are not going to be able to handle all of our years of experience inform our team about the best way to go about projects, and also the best way that we are going to be able to serve you.

    construction techniques for waterproofing basement and foundations. Insulation material on the basement concrete wall. House energy saving.

    Basement Waterproofing | Milwaukee, WI

    Waterproofing your basement is important because the basement is a location at a property that is at a higher risk for water damage and moisture issues. When there are waterproofing precautions implemented, the risk of damages in the future will be dramatically reduced thanks to the thorough and dependable solutions that our team is able to provide. We are fully committed to getting this work done in a reliable and effective way. We know that we will be able to help waterproof your basement, so you never have to worry about water issues happening in the future. Also, we are going to be able to upgrade your basement waterproofing if you find that it is becoming too worn down.

    “I only trust the Milwaukee Foundation Repair Team for the repair services that I need at all of my development projects. They are dependable professionals who know what they are doing” – John K.

    an old house rests on steel girders as a new concrete basement and foundation is being created

    “Milwaukee Foundation Repair Team is the team that you are going to want to trust!” – Michelle F.

    old wooden hatch to crawlspace damaged and splintered

    “I am impressed by the level of professionalism that Milwaukee Foundation Repair Team has. For a foundation repair team, they are incredible!” – Jim B.

    foundation insulation and damp proofing in problem corner area.

    Crawl Spaces (Encapsulating & Repair) | Milwaukee, WI

    The crawl space at your property is a space that is going to require repairs and refurbishments one day. Crawl spaces are common features in older homes, and our team is fully prepared to complete the appropriate kind of tasks that are required for crawl space encapsulating and crawl space repair. We know which way the work needs to be done, and we also know that we will be able to offer you solutions that are going to last for many years to come.

    basement or crawl space with upper floor insulation and wooden support beams

    Helical Piers | Milwaukee, WI

    The helical piers that need help with can be handled by the experts with our company.  The installation, repair, and refurbishment work that you may need to have completed with be executed precisely when you trust our team to do the work. You will not need to worry about trying to figure out how to do it all. Instead, you can leave it to our expert to provide you with solutions that are going to last.

    under construction house foundation

    House Leveling | Milwaukee, WI

    There is going to come a time when you are building a home or working on a property, and you are going to require house leveling services. This work is crucial for the stability and longevity of your property. As such, you need to trust experts who are fully trained in this line of work to come by and provide you with assistance. The team that you will be able to count on for this work is right here with us. Our team has been the leading professional in Milwaukee for house leveling for a while, and this is thanks to our determination to provide you with an impeccable outcome.

    an old house (exposing the porch) rests on steel girders as a new concrete basement is being created. basemen and foundation is being created

    Contact Us Today

    You will be able to get in contact with our team when you are ready to have the best foundation services that you could help for. Our team is going to ensure that you get the right kind of service because our team will ensure that you have helpful resources and support. We use the leading materials and supplies on the market, meaning that we are able to offer you long-term solutions that are going to work perfectly for you. Make sure you give us a call today to speak with one of our caring experts.